The Hellenic Agricultural Economics Association – ETAGRO was founded in 1975 by a group of Greek scientists with the following objectives:

  • contributing to the development and promotion of science in agricultural economics,
  • studying and facilitating exchange and dissemination of scientific knowledge and best practices of agricultural economics in Greece

Achievement of the Hellenic Agricultural Economics Association – ETAGRO fundamental objectives is sought by the respective Board of Directors in the context of his two-year term through

  • organising forums for the exchange of knowledge such us scientific seminars, conferences, symposia and workshops, calling for experts participation,
  • convening meetings bringing together all players as well as international scientific bodies in the broader agricultural and applied economics sector,
  • issuing and publishing conference proceedings, reports, best practices guidelines, and practical handbooks,
  • editing, issuing and publishing the Agricultural Economics Review (1109-2580)

Currently, Hellenic Agricultural Economics Association – ETAGRO counts more than 400 members, all graduates from agricultural and applied economics departments or postgraduate programmes.




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